A step-by-step guide to better exhibiting results.


For many companies, exhibiting can seem both an exciting and a daunting task. There’s more to it than just producing a sales brochure – it’s current, it’s live and the rewards are so much greater. The whole process of exhibiting can be a breeze with some planning and forethought.


This book focuses on the key aspects of developing an exhibition plan. It covers topics such as how to select the exhibition that is right for you, how to conduct pre-show brainstorming, how to prepare an exhibition plan and timeline, and how to evaluate the exhibition after it has finished.


Each of these steps can mean the difference between an average show and a great one so I urge you to jot down any information you might need to ensure your next exhibition is a successful one.



“Wise people learn when they can. Fools learn when they must.” – The Duke of Wellington

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