So you’ve decided to take a stand at an exhibition. And you’ve chosen the position, size and shape. The next step is to decide what the stand will look like – isn’t it? Not quite.

Before you can make that decision, you need to review once again the reasons you are taking part in the exhibition and decide what types of visitors you want to attract to your stand.

  • Potential new customers?
  • Key clients and established customers?
  • A mixture of both?

Now, what do you intend to display and promote?

  • Small products, such as watches, foodstuffs or mobile phones?
  • Medium sized products, such as computers, medical equipment or microwave ovens?
  • Large products, such as refrigerators, vehicles, kitchen ranges or furniture?
  • Services, such as financial planning, hospitality or cleaning?

How will your stand stimulate each of the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell?

And finally, review the budget and be clear about how much money you are prepared to spend.

Answering these questions will ensure that your stand design meets your exhibition objectives.

You will be able to make best use of the exhibition’s features, such as space, light and ambience and your answer will help you to specify any extras or special features your stand needs, choose and locate furniture and effectively position your staff.
Remember, your stand will be a multidimensional advertisement for your business and its products and you want it to be remembered by your visitors for a long time.


Spend time thinking about these questions. Discuss them with your colleagues and staff. Visit other exhibitions to see how other exhibitors have answered these questions. When you know you have the answers, you can begin on the design.


An excerpt from: Exhibitions: A Complete Guide
by Gary-Fitz-Roy

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