Some of the practical considerations involved in choosing the position, size and style of your stand are:


Choosing a position
A number of factors will influence your choice of position within the exhibition hall, only some of which you will be able to control. For example, the size stand you require may only be permitted in certain areas. Wherever possible, though, your selection should reflect your company’s objectives in participating in the exhibition. You might decide that it fits your objectives to be in a main traffic flow area, or near a competitor, or close to the catering facilities or a seminar/workshop space.

Apart from personal preference, other more technical factors might influence the location of your stand:

  • Water and waste connection
  • Power requirements
  • Computer cabling points
  • Access to compressed air
  • Floor loading capacity
  • Rigging points

Other general considerations will include the proximity of toilets, catering outlets and the loading dock.


How much space will you need?
The amount of space you need depends on what you want to demonstrate, as set out in your objectives. Once you have decided on your objectives, work out the actual two-dimensional floor space the display will take up on your stand, not forgetting to include equipment and other furniture. Now double this space to allow room for your staff and visitors to move around.


Choosing the best stand shape
Once you have determined your position in the hall and the size of stand you need, you should think about its shape.
There are four basic shapes:


Inline stand
This is the most basic stand. It has three walls and is adjacent to other stands in a row. The size ranges from 3 metres x 3 metres up to virtually any length x 3 metres.


Corner stand
Most corner stands are at least 6 metres x 3 metres in size and, as the name implies, they have a back wall, one side wall (one long and the other short) and two open faces. The corner stand is open from two directions, creating a much more visible and accessible display, while still providing plenty of wall space to hang display materials.


Peninsula stand
The peninsula stand has one back wall and three open sides. It is usually found on the end of a row of stands. The size ranges upwards from 6 metres x 3 metres. The prominent back wall can be used to display the company name or logo and overall theme of the exhibit.


Island stand
The island stand has four open sides. It is not directly adjacent to any other stand. The minimum size is normally 6 metres x 6 metres. An island stand display needs to be planned carefully, as there are four entries/exits. Your stand design should create and convey a message to visitors entering at each of the four open sides.

An excerpt from : Exhibitions: A Complete Guide

by Gary-Fitz-Roy

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